1 BR Gatlinburg Cabins that Put the 'C' in Cozy!

What on earth could be cozier than a cabin in the woods? Well, if that cabin is one of the Gatlinburg cabins from Diamond Mountain Rentals it can easily become even cozier. If it is also one of our 1BR cabins in Gatlinburg, then (as our title says), it puts the "C" in cozy. After all, not only are these 1 BR Gatlinburg cabins tucked into some of the most enchanting settings, but each is equipped with all of the luxuries of a full-sized home - including a modern kitchen.

One of Our Best 1 BR Cabins in Gatlinburggatlinburg cabins

As an example of how supremely cozy our Gatlinburg cabins can be, consider River Rhapsody. Sitting directly along one of the two cleanest mountain streams in the state, it is a delight to all who visit. It sits right above the water and you can look out of your bedroom or living room window to gaze at the stunning scenery below. Ideal for a honeymooning couple or as a romantic retreat, it could also be a new favorite for the individual who wants to escape it all.

Yet, like Diamond Mountain Rentals’ other 1 BR cabins in Gatlinburg, it is not far from the fun and attractions of town or the scenery of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Our 1 BR Gatlinburg Cabins Boast Incredible Amenities

When you hear about smaller cabins in Gatlinburg, you might leap to the conclusion that they are cramped, rustic and out of the way. This is an inaccurate portrait of the Gatlinburg cabins offered by Diamond Mountain Rentals. Our 1 BR Gatlinburg cabins can sleep from two to four, depending on which cabin is booked, and some come with amazingly luxurious amenities. All of them feature full-sized and modern kitchens. This could prove idyllic for someone just looking to get away. You can make your meals and snacks and savor them on your private porch overlooking amazing views. Did you bring the kids with you? You can enjoy cooking with them and ensuring they too have memories of their trip to this gorgeous region.

Cooking "at home" also lets you eat healthier and save a bit of money during your vacation. Of course, you can always hop into your vehicle and arrive at one of the many excellent eateries in a short time, too!

Many of our charming cabins in Gatlinburg have indoor or outdoor fireplaces; some have hot tubs or Jacuzzis, and a number of them even have game rooms and WiFi. Most have a barbecue for savoring seasonal, outdoor dining. There are even a few that are pet friendly and allow you to bring your furry friends.

Whether it is for a romantic getaway or a family break, Diamond Mountain Rentals’ one bedroom properties really are a fantastic find. Why book a hotel when you can be five minutes from the famous "Strip",  yet surrounded by gorgeous woods?

If you want the ultimate in a cozy holiday, Diamond Mountain Rentals’ Gatlinburg cabins are the ideal answer.

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