Cabin Feature: Ridgehaven

If you are dreaming of vacationing to The Great Smoky Mountains to experience the Fall Foliage in person, then the best place to stay is Ridgehaven! Why? Because it offers the incredible views of the Smokies from every room!

Let’s start with the living room.


The oversized windows offer incredible views of the Smokies. Wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, snuggle on the couch with the fireplace roaring, and enjoy the view. You will never miss out on the beauty of the Smokies - even if you are inside. This is the perfect view for a Fall getaway to the Smoky Mountains.

Now, let’s talk about the TWO decks.

Ridgehaven 2.jpg

Yep, that’s right, Ridgehaven has two spacious outdoor decks perfect for gazing out at the colorful Fall landscape. Enjoy the crisp mountain air and the brightly colored trees from the comfort of your very own private Smoky Mountain Cabin.

The bedrooms don’t disappoint either.

Ridgehaven 3.jpg

Every bedroom in our cabin, Ridgehaven, has a window that reveals incredible views of the Smoky Mountain trees. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to bright colors of orange, yellow, red, and gold?! It’s a dream spot in the Smokies if you are visiting in the Fall.

Doing the dishes isn’t a chore with this view.

Ridgehaven 4.jpg

That’s right; you will have people volunteering to do the dishes with this incredible Smoky Mountain view. Add the colorful Fall colors and it is even more incredible.

Last, but not least, the view from the hot tub!

Ridgehaven 5.jpg

Soak up the awesome views from the hot tub. The vibrant Fall colors paint the perfect backdrop to an afternoon hanging out in the hot tub!

Are you convinced yet? Ridgehaven offers the best view of the Fall Foliage from every room. Book Ridgehaven cabin before it is too late. Call us today!

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