What To Do In Gatlinburg For Your Vacation

Feel as though it’s high time for a vacation? Work, school, kids or just life in general can really take a toll and sometimes a bit of a getaway is just simply what needs to happen. So whether you want to take that much needed break or are just looking for a new destination for your annual family road trip, there is one place that is destined to please: Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, this quaint little town seems to come straight out of a story book. The official founder of the town, William Ogle, first settled down there in around 1802 and it grew from there. Now, it is a community of about 3,000 year-round residents and plays host to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Therefore, Gatlinburg has an abundant tourist season, which they make very well worth the visitor’s while. Even among Ripley’s aquarium, the Mysterious Mansion haunted house and Sweet Fanny Adams Theater, perhaps one of the most exciting in-town attractions is the craftiness of the locals. Just hop on a trolley that goes around an eight mile looped road and you are transported into a world of homemade arts and crafts that will blow your mind and make you vow to get in touch with your creative side once you get back home. Each place on this road of homemade trinkets is open year round to both customers and people just looking to learn a little something of how it’s done. That’s right – learn! Not only are the crafts on display, many of the artists are offering a show as well. Anyone who stops in can watch the maker work on a brand new specimen. You can see wood carvings done by John Cowden or Frank and Randy Whaley, experience chair weaving by Jody Penny, watch Jason Hills make his glass art, admire artwork from Doreen Prakshot and Robert Tino and much, much more by numerous other phenomenal artists and crafters. Without a doubt, you’ll walk away with something you can hardly take your eyes off, let alone fathom that it was all done by hand. Rest assured – the souvenirs from this trip won’t be featuring any snow globes or t-shirts, but rather awe-inspiring reminders of abundant talent and beautiful photo backdrops that guarantee a smile each time you think back on your trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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