Woof! Bring the Pets Along this Fall!

You're planning a family vacation, and you're getting everything in order. Are the kids on break? Does the car need maintenance before a long trip? What will you need to pack? What Gatlinburg cabin with you choose? Just as you answer all these questions it dawns on you: What will you do with your beloved pet(s)?clearview.jpg

No need to worry! At Diamond Mountain Rentals, we offer pet friendly cabins! Our pet friendly cabin selection is wonderful and big enough for the whole family, pets included! Don't spend your extra money on boarding fees or pet sitters. We encourage you to bring your pets along so you will feel right at home.

When you're here this fall, make the most of your trip, especially with your pets! Fall is a great season to bring pets on vacation for numerous reasons. Due to the temperatures being lower, it is safer to bring your pets on the trails with you! Pets are great companions for the easier-moderate hikes in the Smokies. However, always be sure to pack lots of water so they are healthy and hydrated along the way.

We want our cabins in Gatlinburg to feel like you are right at home. What makes a home, a home? Your family, including your pets! We understand that animals are family, and we don't want you to vacation without them! They will be happy they weren't left behind, trust us!

To find our pet friendly cabins, visit our website and select the “pet friendly” drop down option. The screen will display all of our cabins that allow pets during your stay. There aren't one or two to choose from either! We have a wide selection so you can choose the perfect vacation home this fall!

Book your cabin and come visit us this fall season! We are looking forward to seeing you and your pets!

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