Overwhelmed by Cabin Companies? Here's What to Look for in a Gatlinburg Cabin Rental Company

If the internet is handy, it is also overwhelming. "Google" just one thing and you'll find thousands of details, suggestions, and other facts that can quickly make it feel impossible to keep a clear head. Nowhere is this truer than when doing a bit of vacation planning. Type in something like “cabins near Gatlinburg” and you'll receive a flood of information. One touts itself to be the best or the oldest or to offer the finest views. Another might boast hundreds of properties including Gatlinburg cabins. How on earth do you begin to choose? We have tips and tricks that can help you spot the ideal provider of cabins near Gatlinburg.

Know What You Want from Cabins near Gatlinburg

Before you begin even looking for or at the Gatlinburg cabins available, take some time to identify your needs and wishes. Do you want only cabins near Gatlinburg or can they be farther afield, such as nearer to Pigeon Forge? Most who want Gatlinburg cabins do so because of the town's location, amazing attractions, endless activities, restaurants and because it is the "gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park." So, if your heart is set on cabins near Gatlinburg, don't let anything sway you from that choice.

However, do refine the meaning of "close" or "near." For instance, do you want to be close to the downtown district? Is it more important for you to be nearer to the national park and one of its entrances? Then, take it a few steps farther and itemize for yourself the kind of general setting you desire. Did you envision mountain views when you set out to find cabins near Gatlinburg? Did you picture yourself waking to the sound of a babbling mountain stream or the gentle slap of water alongside the shore of a pond or small lake? Do you mind neighbors in sight or were you thinking of seclusion?

It is very important that you start with those specifics, as this can really help you to narrow down the many options for cabins near Gatlinburg.

Next comes the amenities. After all, you might think of Gatlinburg cabins as basic, but there are also many with premium amenities such as pool access, WiFi, a hot tub, patios or terraces, a working fireplace, allowing pets, and even things like a game room or media room. What is important? If you are seeking out Gatlinburg cabins for family gatherings, you may want a lot of those options to keep the younger members of the family busy and satisfied while the adults socialize and relax together.

On the other hand, if you are traveling to take in the many amazing activities, sights and attractions of the Smokies and the Gatlinburg area, you may want to limit those types of distractions and ensure that you are more than eager to head out the door every day!

Know What You Need in Gatlinburg Cabins

Once you have a clearer idea of the type of setting and the amenities you'll want in your choices for Gatlinburg cabins, it is a good idea to then start to narrow down options by size. How many visitors are coming with you and how many bedrooms or bathrooms are required? If you’re traveling with a large group, it could be that you end up in need of more than a single cabin for your stay.

With all of these specifics, you can begin exploring the vacancies available for your desired dates. Of course, you already realize that there are still some important details to work out about those who provide the cabins near Gatlinburg. After all, if it is just a matter of availability and meeting your needs and wants, it should be easy to select the ideal cabin company. Yet, there is much more to the story.

Consider these issues when selecting a Gatlinburg cabin rental company:

  • What are the terms for the deposit? What are the cancellation policies?

  • Ask about service fees. This is a somewhat tricky way that the less reputable companies pad their bills. For instance, if your property has a hot tub, you might find a fee added to your bill for cleaning it (if it was used). You might discover that there are other cleaning fees and even a fee if one person too many slept at your cabin on a night or two of the visit. There can be booking fees, damage deposits and other such oddball additions to the bill, so find out what fees will appear on your final bill before booking. You might even find out if there is an option for trip insurance to help overcome unexpected or hidden fees.

  • What are the roads like getting to the cabin? One travel expert noted that travelers taking Gatlinburg cabins may not realize that the roads can be one lane, steep, unpaved and even require 4-wheel drive to reach the property. This is important whether it is summer or winter. Ask about refunds if the roads are impassable.

  • Ask about parking. This is something many overlook and it can really end up being a hassle. Is it covered? Is there a garage? Is it far from the entries to the cabin? Are you going to be able to bring a small trailer (such as those used by motorcyclists)? If so, is it easy to maneuver one in the available parking/driving areas?

  • Is it an easily accessible property? This is not the same as asking about the roads. What we mean is you must find out if there are many stairs or if there is a considerable walk through a woodland or along a pathway. If you are renting Gatlinburg cabins and have elderly relatives, someone who is handicapped, or someone who will struggle on uneven paths or climbing stairs, you'll need to know about it before making the booking.

  • With accessibility in mind, what about inside of the cabin? Is there a bedroom and bath on the main level? Is the property fully accessible?

  • Is there a floor plan available? If the website doesn't offer floor plans for each of the listings, it may be possible to get one if you request it. This can be helpful in making a final decision, and you should never feel odd requesting it.

  • How are mechanical or maintenance issues addressed? For instance, what happens if the heating system, plumbing or air conditioning has a major issue during your stay? Can it be fixed quickly? Understand that most cabin companies will say they are at the mercy of repair experts, but the best have service providers on call for such instances.

  • What about the cabin's exterior structures? Are they up to code? For example, a large number of decks can look great in photos, but if they are unsafe or not up to code it can spell disaster. This is particularly true if the property boasts a hot tub on one of those less-than-safe decks or patios.

  • While we are talking about hot tubs…though these can be a major selling point for those about to go on a vacation, be sure you have asked the right questions about them. How often is it cleaned? Is it emptied and cleaned after every visit? Does it have 24/7 filtration or is it the kind that just filters water when jets are running? Is it covered our out in the open? Is there a weight limit? Is it kept hot, and if not, how long does it take to heat it?

  • How close is the nearest cabin? You really want to find out about this because you may not mind having neighbors, but there are some cabins near Gatlinburg in which neighbors are literally directly next door. Ask for specifics in terms of feet, if the answer seems vague.

  • How many other Gatlinburg cabins can you see from yours? If you want privacy, don't count on photos on websites. Ask the cabin company about this and whether the nearby properties have a lot of trees or screening.

  • If there is a terrace, patio or deck, what can you see from it? After all, a patio can photograph beautifully, but if it looks at the back of another property or the road, it may not be your dream vacation.

  • Ask for specific details about the location, such as the nearest grocery store, trolley stop, major roads, and so on. While few cabin companies give out the physical address to someone inquiring without a booking, if you do intend to book, they will usually explain the nearest facilities, amenities and services. We also suggest you ask about the proximity of cabins near Gatlinburg to attractions you’re interested in visiting, if they are important to you. For example, how far is it to the nearest national park entry or Dollywood or a specific site? Good cabin companies will let you have honest answers.

  • Ask about those amenities. For instance, if there is a fireplace or pit, do they supply all of the logs or the gas to run it?

  • What about the rest of the property? Many Gatlinburg cabins are advertised as turnkey and ready for visitors to arrive. However, unless you ask about everything from the kitchen gear and supplies to the linens, you may find you are left without essentials. For instance, a cabin that sleeps 8 should have enough flatware and cutlery for that many people, plus extras. You also need a lot more pots and pans than you think, and big ones too. This is especially true if you have a group of 6 or more that you cook for each day.

It should have more than enough towels for that number of people, and so on. If you do not ask about this, you'll find yourself constantly washing dishes, doing laundry and trying hard to keep track of these things when you should be on vacation! Also ask about paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels, as well as cleaning supplies and the cleaning routine.

  • Are you bringing a pet? If so, ask about the specifics of the pet policies. Are they going to honor your request to keep doors closed and not perform housekeeping if your pet is left inside? Is that allowable? You never want to bring your furry family members along on vacation only to find they have to spend a lot of time in the car because you cannot leave them relaxing back at the cabin.

  • Ask about the age of the beds and other furnishings. This may seem irrelevant, but nothing ruins the fun of a vacation faster than horrible, old beds that offer no support or rooms full of run down furniture that wobbles or is just unwelcoming. Also, never trust photography to be all that accurate. It is perfectly legal for a cabin company to show photos of rooms that are "similar" to what your rental looks like, but which are very far off the mark.

  • Find out about heating and cooling. It can be very surprising to arrive on a hot July day and find out that your cabin has no air conditioning. Discover precisely what is what and make your choices based on needs.

  • Why are there so few photos? If any cabins near Gatlinburg are very short of images on their websites, think of it as a bit of a red flag. All of the descriptive text and positive wording cannot undo the need for photos of the entire property. Also, be wary of a cabin with photos taken exclusively in one season. Why? The cabin description that says "amazing scenery" but which has winter only photos may not have any views at all when the leaves are out.

Yes, that does seem like a lot to ask, but there are companies that make almost all of that information available on their websites and listings. Diamond Mountain Rentals does most of the heavy lifting for you and has the answers ready and waiting. If you have questions about any of their cabins, just get in touch using their handy online contact form or phone toll free at 1-888-430-4060 and they will get back to you right away!



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