Take a Step Back in Time with a Visit to Cades Cove

Take a Step Back in Time with a Visit to Cades Cove


The Smoky Mountain region has long been hailed one of the most breathtaking experiences in the country. With steamy mountain peaks, lush greenery, and several bodies of fresh water the serenity offered by the park can’t be beat. Even so, some spots are more popular than others. Frequent visitors have assembled a variety of recommended hikes and loops in the park that land at the top of the list.


One experience that continually hits the mark is Cades Cove. While there are so many  things to do in the Smokies you can’t end your trip without a visit to this enchanted locale. If you’re homebased in the Gatlinburg cabins  a visit to the cove is just a short hop away. Don’t miss it!


So What’s All the Hoopla?


Cades Cove is a bare valley surrounded by some of the park’s highest peaks. It’s one of the best spots to view wildlife in the park as the range serves as a grazing area for many of the region’s most popular creatures. White-tailed deer, black bears, and turkeys have all been sighted in this area.


Additionally, the cove is extremely historic in nature. You’ll enjoy a blast from the past with various settlement buildings dating back to the late 1800s. In fact, the “cove” has the highest concentration of historic buildings over any other spot in the park. Out of all the things to do in the Smokies, it’s refreshing to take a step back and enjoy some of the area’s deep seeded history.

Ways to Tackle the Cove


True to Smoky Mountain form, Cades Cove also has a long hiking loop so you can enjoy some solid physical activity while on your visit. The park is closed to motor vehicles during certain hours and times of the year and many tourists enjoy renting a bike from the Cades Cove Campground Store. In fact, it’s quite possibly one of the best things to do in the Smokies.


Still other guests enjoy tackling the trails on foot. There are a variety of beautiful hikes that begin in the cove and allow you to see large sections of the park. Popular trails include the Abrams Falls Loop (ending in a stunning local waterfall) or the lengthy Thunderhead Mountain Trail which offers a more rugged terrain with increased difficulty. If you’re looking for a hike that's relatively easy and stays in the area, the cove maps out a short, flat walk through all the historic sites so you really can’t go wrong! Best of all, the trails are in close proximity to all the Gatlinburg cabins so no matter where you stay on your visit you can enjoy this unique reprieve.


Need a Homebase for Your Stay?


If you’re looking  for the perfect homebase while visiting the Smokies, we’ve got you covered. The Gatlinburg cabins rented by Diamond Mountain Rentalsare located close to the park and provide a plethora of amenities to keep you cozy and comfortable during your stay. Check out abodes like Black Bear Cove or Scenic Ridge and give us a call today!

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