What’s Blooming: Plan your March in the Smokies now!

Suffering from a bit of cabin fever this winter? Well, suffer no more; spend your March surrounded by color and sunshine with the wildflower bloom!  

Take a look at the guide below to get an idea of what you can see and when while visiting picturesque Gatlinburg. 

Wildflower Blooms in Gatlinburg TN

 One of the most enticing aspects of a visit to Gatlinburg is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (sometimes even called “Wildflower National Park”), presenting over 1,500 kinds of flowers and plants- more diverse than any other national park in North America. Among some of the most popular flowers, you’ll see are the Bloodroot, Spring Beauty, VIolets, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Trout-lily, and Sharp-lobed Hepatica. 

 The Spring Beauty, so aptly named, is one of the earliest blooming flowers. The pink and white striped petals are easily identifiable and sprawl throughout the park. More uniquely shaped, but no less common, the Trout Lily’s distinct drooping, yellow petals with dark blotches on them were what Cherokee Indians used to gauge when it was time to fish. The Bloodroot boasts long, individual white petals with bright gold stalmen centers and is found in lower elevations of the park. 

 While there are many different trails to take through the park that would let you see wide swaths of wildlife and flowers, a few stand out to capitalize on March blooms. Just a short drive from Gatlinburg, the 8.6 mile round trip of the Chestnut Top Trail is the best place to look for Spring Beauties, Jack-in-the-pulpits, and Bloodroots. The challenge of the terrain makes the views that much sweeter in the crisp March air. A bit closer to Gatlinburg, just six miles east of the city in Greenbriar, the Porters Creek Trail offers wonderful wildflower discoveries, especially during the first 1.5 miles of the trail. 

 With the turn of March just around the corner, this is the perfect time to take a look at what’s expected to bloom. Book a cabin, grab a camera, and head out to be dazzled by color.  

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