Wild Water Adventures, Part 2: A Tubing We Will Go...

tubing.jpgAre you looking for a fun, low-cost activity that everyone in your family will enjoy? Then you'll love tubing. If you've never tried it, tubing is about the easiest way to spend some kicking back time on the water. Some people just get their own inner tubes and find the nearest pond, stream or river and go for it! Others enjoy a bit of guidance and the local outfitters can help you have a great day tubing in the Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge area. One good place to tube is on the Little Pigeon River near Sevierville, which is just a few miles from Gatlinburg.

A few pointers: While tubing is more laid back than white water rafting, it's definitely still recommended that people where life vests when tubing.

While not required, tubing with the help of a guide can alert you to current river conditions. Some of the tubing outfitters will even pick you up at the end of your tubing run. That will save a lot of walking back to where you first put into the water.

What people like best about tubing:

  • Low cost fun: Many of the tubing rental shops and outfitters charge only around $10-$15 per person (some places charge less than that, and you can get group rates, too).
  • Going tubing is terrific way to watch the scenery go by as you lazily lie back and bask in the sun.
  • Free shuttle vans (these are the people who pick you up at the end of your run; definitely a time saver)
  • Free parking
  • Sometimes you can do more than one route and only pay once
  • No special skills needed

Tubing is lots of fun, and you often can find spots to pull off to the side to sit on the grass and enjoy a fine summer’s day. It’s such an enjoyable activity, mainly because it’s really spontaneous; you don’t have to make big plans for a great time.

Here are some more great reasons to include tubing in your vacation plans:

  • No reservations needed; just drop by a tubing rental shop and get started having fun!
  • Super activity for a hot day; you're sure to stay cool!
  • Awesome activity even for small children as you can rent various size tubes and there are easy routes parents can take their kids on
  • Lots of the routes have you float past swimming holes that you can stop at and enjoy
  • Most of the tubing companies are open 7 days a week

Wow! So if you aren't convinced yet that tubing is a great activity for everyone, then how's about this last fact which will surely win you over:

The outfitters are open most every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so there's no shortage of days to hit the water and take in the Smokies scenery. Did you know you can find tubing deals and discounts that can save you even more money off the low cost of tubing with an outfitter? Discounts are available for military and groups at some of the tube rental companies (call ahead for information).

There! Now go get yourself a few tubes, bring the gang, and get going on a fun water adventure in the Smokies! 

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