Zipline Adventures Provide a Birds-Eye View of the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountain region is known worldwide for their stunning peaks, wildflower mania, and temperate springtime weather. For many couples, families, or even solo travelers a trip to the Smokies is just what the doctor ordered! With such stunning scenery there is a plethora of outdoor Smoky Mountain attractions and activities from which to choose.


Of course, if you’re staying at one of the wonderful cabins in the area you’ll find that ziplining in the Smokies is a top contender when it comes to choosing an activity that everyone can enjoy. Here are a few reasons to consider a ziplining excursion during your stay:


Check Out That View


Ziplining in the Smokies is one of the best ways to see the mountain range as it offers a unique vantage point you won’t find elsewhere. Many of the local zip lining companies time their tours perfectly so you can melt into the sunset from the tips of the trees! You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, but you’ll also get to experience views of the forest floor, fauna, and wildlife that exist beneath. Viewing the park from the treetops should definitely land a spot on your bucket list of  Smoky Mountain attractions!


Cue That Adrenaline Rush!


Ziplining in and of itself is a huge rush. You can expect to reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. However, the choice to step off the treetop deck and plunge through the foliage is also a huge adrenaline booster. Even if you’re wary of heights, this experience is worth squashing your fear and taking the plunge.


Safety First!


Jumping off a perfectly good post may seem like madness to many people. For those with an imagination it can be easy to conjure the worst case scenario. What if my line falters? What if I don’t break correctly? While these fears are legitimate concerns most ziplining tours offer experienced guides to help you each step of the way.


Of course, you’ll need to do your due diligence. Closed toe shoes are a must and you’ll want to follow their weight and age limits. Additionally, a helmet and fitted harness will ensure your experience ziplining in the Smokies is top notch!


Need a Homebase for your Ziplining Adventure?


Many of the Smoky Mountain attractions are designed to accommodate vacationers. This means many of the tours begin in close proximity to many of the local cabins. When researching a place to stay our cabin selection at Diamond Mountain Rentalsshould be your first and last stop.


With a variety of cabins located close to the park and all the ziplining action our team can help you find a cozy one bedroom (like Black Bear Cove ) with a spacious kitchen and deck hot tub or a larger abode (like Heart of the Smokies) complete with gameroom and indoor/outdoor fireplace settings. No matter what you need to make your vacation complete, our team has you covered. Give us a call today!

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