smoky-mountains-autumn.jpgAutumn in the wonderful Great Smoky Mountains National Park is invigorating. The color of the trees breathes life into the scenery around you, making fall the perfect time of year to take photos in the Smokies. The golds are brighter, creating a glow to swoon over. The reds are more vibrant, providing brilliant pops of ruby color complementing the curvature. The oranges are bold and creamy, allowing for added cheer. Book one of Diamond Mountain Rentals relaxing Gatlinburg cabins to be close to this enchanting experience.

The Leaves Shimmer by the Water


During the mesmerizing season of fall, you can expect the trails of Great Smoky Mountains National Park to lead you to creeks, streams, rivers and waterfalls with a beautiful surprise once your get to the trickles. The glowing fall leaves create the perfect ambiance for dancing by the trickling mountain water. Drifts of fallen leaves resemble mounds of treasure. The leaves sparkle like gemstones inside nature's treasure chest.

Enchanted Forest


In the early morning hours, the woods bring to mind images akin to that of a children's book. The trees, wrapped in a billowing mist, create a mysterious yet inviting atmosphere. Families of deer flit between the tree trunks, providing the perfect photo opportunity.

Color Greets You Around Every Bend


Auto touring in the Smoky Mountains is incredibly rewarding. There's nothing quite like rolling the windows down, turning the radio up, and letting the clean mountain air fill the interior of your car and blow through your hair. Auto touring provides you with the ability to see more while staying off your feet. Several roads in Great Smoky Mountains National Park will have pull-offs where you have the option to explore the grounds if you choose to. You are continually greeted with bursts of beautiful fall colors.

Venture out into the Smoky Mountains and explore the essence of fall! Book your upcoming stay in the Smokies with Diamond Mountain Rentals and experience all that fall has to offer you and your family. Be minutes from all of the beautiful outdoor scenery. Take magnificent photos of the fall foliage to forever remember your fall experience in the Smoky Mountains. We are ready to assist you in booking your stay. Don't forget to ask about our latest specials!

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