3 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do When Staying In A Smoky Mountains Cabin

Staying in a Smoky Mountain Cabin is different than other vacations because most of the time people rent cabins to unplug and relax. The question becomes, if you don’t want to leave your cabin, what do you do? While it’s true you could go into town and find a great array of activities that will be of interest to practically anyone, there are also lots of great activities you can do that are as close as right outside the front door of your cabin. 

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor Smoky Mountain Activities we think you’ll love:

Go For A Hike

The greatest thing about the Smoky Mountains is that there is just so much to see. Sometimes it’s as simple as heading out the front door of your cabin and going on a walkabout. A wandering hike around your cabin is great because you’ll find so many interesting things. It’s what makes this activity one of the best things you can do while visiting the Smoky Mountains.

Read A Great Book

Life is so busy, one of the things we constantly can’t find time for is reading a great book. The relaxation of staying in a Smoky Mountain Cabin sets the tone for the perfect time to dive into that book you’ve been longing to read but never had the time to do so. Most of our cabins have decks that are perfect for exactly this. Grab a blanket and make a cozy, quiet place to sit and read for hours. The fresh outdoor air is invigorating and before you know it you’ll have read your entire book!

Get Some Exercise

Part of a relaxing vacation is treating your body well. Much like hiking, in the Smoky Mountains, there are so many great places to go for a run or a walk that you will get great opportunities to destress, stretch out your muscles and work on increasing your level of restfulness and relaxation.

Go On A Bike Ride

Whether you bring a bike from home, or choose to rent a bike from one of the several places throughout the Smoky Mountains that rents bicycles, going on a bike ride is an adventure you won’t regret. The air is crisp and clean and the views are something that will make your ride unforgettable.

Take The Pooch For A Walk

We know that one of the best parts of staying in a cabin for your getaway is the fact that you can bring your fur baby along with you. Dogs love new adventures and exploring, seeing and smelling new areas they’ve never been before. Take your dog for a walk and you’ll both benefit from exercise and relaxation.

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