Express Gratitude to Someone You Love By Gifting Them with a Weekend in the Smokies

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. You want your special someone to feel loved, appreciated and valued, but many times a tangible gift simply doesn’t  stack up. In these moments, you’re left scratching your head and waiting for a light bulb to go off.

While gift-giving isn’t easy, you can’t go wrong with the gift of rest, relaxation and scenic adventure. Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains offer this trifecta of happiness and make for the  perfect gift for that special person. If you're considering the gift of a getaway for your next grand gesture, here are three reasons why you should choose the Smokies and a weekend stay in one of the many beautiful Gatlinburg cabins:

Outdoor Activities

The Smoky Mountains are a popular destination frequented by visitors year round. In fact, the National Park Service reports that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park hosts over 11 million visitors each year.  Boasting a wide variety of walking trails, streams, waterfalls, and mountain climbs, the park is an oasis for nature lovers. Park guests will also be treated to a variety of wildlife sightings including black bears, white tailed deer, and local elk. The beauty is simply unparalleled.

Outside the park, there are additional opportunities for outdoor adventure. Gatlinburg offers zip lining tours, horseback riding, and bike rentals allowing you to explore the area from a unique vantage point. For guests with a wild side, there are also opportunities to go off-roading in rented jeeps or four-wheelers. Regardless of your tastes, there is something for everyone when it comes to outdoor activities in the Gatlinburg area.

Time for Lounging

Need a break from the great outdoors? Cabins in the Smoky Mountains serve as the perfect home away from home and provide a wealth of amenities suitable for rest and relaxation. Gatlinburg cabins (like Sweet Retreat and Bear Walk) are designed to offer guests a scenic reprieve and many of the local options offer relaxing luxuries like hot tubs, jacuzzis and a variety of fireplace settings. Cabins in the Smoky Mountains also come equipped with kitchen amenities perfect for a night-in and guests can enjoy an evening in the comfort of their own “home.”

Additionally, there are a variety of low-key activities available in the city. Gatlinburg is home to several wineries where guests can schedule tastings and enjoy a nice meal. Not a wine lover? Museums are another popular activity. Explore the infamous Ripley’s Museum or the Muscle Car Museum. No matter what you enjoy in your down time, Gatlinburg has something to offer everyone!

Budget Friendly

If you’re on a tight budget, gifting a weekend at cabins in the Smoky Mountains is an affordable option. Not everyone can afford five star luxury especially when it comes to spoiling someone else, but Gatlinburg cabins are a great choice for any traveler. The 1-bedroom cabins are especially budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. Even at a fraction of the cost, they’re spacious and offer all the amenities of their larger counterparts  while still boasting amazing mountain views and all-star amenities. Check out 1-bedroom gems like Tina Marie’s and Twilight Point. You can’t go wrong with a trip to the Smokies! Visit Diamond Mountain Rentals today to find the perfect Gatlinburg cabin to rent for your loved ones.


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