Pet-Friendly Travel Tips: How to Travel with Your Dog

mountain-porch.jpgPet-Friendly Travel Tips: How to Travel with Your Dog

Are you thinking of bringing your furry friend along for a fantastic fall getaway to the Smoky Mountains? If so, you've come to the right place! Diamond Mountain Rentals offers pet-friendly Gatlinburg cabins with top notch amenities and ample coziness! There's so much fall fun to be had in Gatlinburg, prepare for your fall stay in the Smokies and book one of our pet-friendly cabins in Gatlinburg to suit all of your needs. It's not a vacation without every member of the family; let your pet tag along for a vacation of a lifetime!

Packing for Your Puppy

Create a helpful list of necessities your pet needs from home to have a comfortable stay in the Smokies. Having a checklist of medications, favorite toys, and snacks will provide your pet with a stress-free time. On your puppy packing list, be sure to include a towel of blanket for backseat snuggling, pet food, potty bags, a water dish, a substantial leash, and treats. For your stay, you should pack pet shampoo and bath towel for quick clean ups, id tags, vet information, and let's not forget your pet carrier or crate.

Why You Pup's Familiar Items Are Essential

Having your puppy's everyday items with you during your trip is essential because it helps them keep their comfort level at an all-time high. Being in new places can cause your pet to have anxiety; having familiar scents and recognized items will help them adjust better to new places.

Pet Carriers and Crates

Along your trip here in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, you may find yourself wanting to explore the eateries, distilleries, and shows downtown. Set your pup up with a comfortable area in which to relax at the cabin. Sometimes, pets can be overcome with anxiety from being separated from their owners. Having a crate or pet carrier filled with familiar items and smells of home will assist with their time alone. There will be plenty of ambient noises to lull your pup into a comforting nap while you are away enjoying the town. Crates and carriers are also wonderful for nervous puddling from your pup; you can rest assured that it will be an easy cleanup on your return. Bonus Tip: place a puppy pad inside the crate or pet carrier to help with water bowl spills and pet puddles.

Rain Storms and Your Pet

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park can be prone to brief showers of rain now and then, considering it is a rainforest and all. Having your pet's shampoo and a bath towel can come in handy in case your pet comes in contact with a friendly mud puddle or two. If your pet is scared of thunder, you may want to remember to bring along a Thunder Jacket to protect your pet until the storm passes.

Get ready for a fantastic fall getaway in the Smokies with your favorite fur friend! Book your stay at a pet-friendly cabin with Diamond Mountain Rentals.

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