Gatlinburg Weather

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is located in the Smoky Mountains and is a great vacation spot for couples and families. Gatlinburg offers many activities for all ages, and the Gatlinburg weather offers the best of all four seasons making any time of year a great time to have a Gatlinburg vacation!

Imagine fall in Gatlinburg, with the changing leaves coloring the mountains shades of red, orange, and yellow, the crisp autumn air on your face during a morning hike, and the smell of a piney fire that warms you up after a long day of outside activities. Fall is a great time to visit Gatlinburg, with the temperatures ranging anywhere from the 80s to mid 60s during the months of September to November. Fall is also the season with the least amount of rain, although it can get chilly at night so make sure to pack a jacket!
If you are planning a vacation during the months of November to February, you will find Gatlinburg sparkling with millions of Holiday lights. The winter months have average temperature in the 30s and 40s. Your days might be on the chilly side, but you will still see the sun for the majority of the day, which means that outside activities, such as hikes, are still doable. Do you want to experience Gatlinburg in the snow for a real winter wonderland vacation? Your best bet is to plan your Gatlinburg vacation during January or February when they usually experience 3-4 inches of snowfall per month.
As spring arrives, the wildflowers start to bloom all over the mountains, making this time of year especially gorgeous. The temperatures during the spring months range from the 50s to the 70s. If you are interested in outdoor activities, spring is a great time to experience golfing, shopping, rafting, fishing, and hiking. However, make sure to pack a rain jacket, as Gatlinburg gets on average 4-6 inches of rain per month during the spring. Despite this, the spring is a great time to plan your Gatlinburg vacation because the temperature is moderate, the wildflowers are in full bloom, and there are many outdoor activities to choose from.
The summer months bring long days full of sunshine and fun outside. Temperatures range from 60s to 70s, with some days even reaching the 80s. The summer months receive about 5-6 inches of rain per month, but the rain showers usually happen in the afternoon. The summer months are when the wildlife is everywhere. Go on an early morning hike to see the sunrise and maybe you will see some animals out and about before the day starts!
Gatlinburg is a beautiful place, and no matter what time of year you plan your vacation, Gatlinburg weather will not disappoint. Each season offers new outside activities, beautiful views, and a relaxing atmosphere.

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