The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Downtown Gatlinburg

The famous Gatlinburg Strip is noted for its many entertainments and attractions, shops and, of course, the tasty Gatlinburg restaurants. However, if you are a foodie who loves to try all kinds of delicious dishes and local favorites, it can be a bit overwhelming to peruse the offerings in town.

In this brief restaurant guide we’ll consider some of the best Gatlinburg restaurants, but before we do, let’s just take a minute to divide up the many Gatlinburg restaurants into categories. These include:

  • Barbecue

  • Breakfast (also considered Pancake and/or Waffle Houses)

  • Steakhouses

  • Pizza and/or Italian Restaurants

  • Bar and Grill

  • Mexican Restaurants

  • Desserts and Treats, and more

As you see, there is no way any restaurant guide could list all of the best Gatlinburg restaurants because there are bound to be too many. We will try to touch on some of the most famous or recognized of the different Gatlinburg restaurants, however.

Well-Known Gatlinburg Restaurants

Ask locals to serve as a sort of restaurant guide or point you towards the best Gatlinburg restaurants and it is likely that you’ll be asked what you are hoping to eat. However, if it is just the most famous of the local Gatlinburg restaurants, a list would probably include:

  • Delauder’s Barbecue

  • Crocketts Breakfast Camp

  • Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant (American cuisine including vegetarian and burgers)

  • Cherokee Grill (Steakhouse)

  • Parton’s Deli

  • Log Cabin Pancake House

  • Buckhorn Inn (A foodie’s destination)

  • Trish’s Mountain Diner

  • Bennett’s Pit BBQ

  • Atrium Pancakes

  • Crystelle Creek Restaurant (Another foodie option)

  • Wild Plum Tea Room

Now, that would be a sort of summary restaurant guide of the most well-known and best Gatlinburg restaurants. It is by no means a complete list. In fact, there are dozens upon dozens of options in the downtown area, alone.

An Expanded Restaurant Guide for the Best Gatlinburg Restaurants

Remember that the area is also home to a growing vineyard and brewery industry as well as a longtime home of famed whiskey distilleries. Many of these sites have tastings that would also work well with any authentic foodie’s desire to experience the area’s local specialties and delectable.

There are also seasonal flea markets and year-round options where local favorites can also be sampled. If you are eager to pick up one of a kind souvenirs, meet some authentic locals and taste homemade treats, you may want to consider a look at the local calendar of events to see if markets are open when you visit.

Keep in mind that the Gatlinburg Strip is home to a long list of familiar chains, including spots like TGI Fridays and Johnny Rockets. Should you go to these spots that you might also find at home? They are a great option if you have finicky youngsters unwilling to taste some of the local specialties or who really need a fix of their favorite fast foods. However, the area is home to such an array of wonderful foods, you really cannot skip any chance to savor them for yourself.



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