Gatlinburg Cabins That Help You Explore the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage

Springtime is upon us, and the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the loveliest places to marvel at nature’s ever-changing landscape. If choosing an itinerary that will allow you to get the most out of your spring vacation in the Smokies seems overwhelming, you might consider taking advantage of the area’s multi-day outdoor events.  The Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is a popular event held on April 11-15 that offers guided tours and activities that center on exploration of the region’s vegetation and wildlife while giving you plenty of time to wander and admire Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Stay close to the action with one of the unique cabins in Gatlinburg, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable vacation.  

Gatlinburg Cabins That Make the Most of Your Pilgrimage


The Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, now in its 67th year, is a whirlwind of nature-inspired activities, covering 148 programs that inform participants of the beauty of natural resources specific to the Smoky Mountains region.  As the flowers come into bloom around the park, professional guides conduct tours through the park’s trails and offer indoor programs in the Sugarlands Training Room and the Mills Conference Center, which also acts as the Pilgrimage headquarters.   

For a truly unforgettable Pilgrimage, it’s important that your accommodations reflect the beauty of the surrounding area.  A great way to feel connected to the great outdoors is to book a cabin near the perimeter of the park.  After a full day of trekking through the park, observing nature up close and personal, cabins in Gatlinburg help complete your experience.  There are lots of Gatlinburg cabins that are charming, wood-clad structures with one-of-a-kind views of the mountains. You’ll love heading back to your cozy Gatlinburg cabin rental and soaking in your hot tub or relaxing on a porch swing while gazing at your bird’s eye view of the mountains you just explored.   


Participants can register online from March 1 to April 7 at On-site registration is also available at the Mills Conference Center, where all registrants also pick up their event packets.  Don’t forget to grab an event T-shirt while you’re registering.  They make great keepsakes, and you can choose between various graphics, as the shirts are printed on site.  Staying in one of Diamond Mountain Rentals Gatlinburg cabins will put you in great proximity to the park, so you can snooze a few more minutes and know that you’ll still get a good parking space.  Free parking is available on Reagan Drive and alternative parking is available throughout Gatlinburg for a fee.   

Program Descriptions

The Pilgrimage offers a variety of programs that will suit all nature lovers.  As the name of the event implies, there is an abundance of walks that allow participants to discover the many species of wildflowers that inhabit the park, as well as ferns and edible mushrooms. There are excursions available that are more challenging for those that don't mind a little extra activity, and plenty of leisurely walks as well. There are also several programs that focus specifically on birdwatching and bird photography, as well as teachings about black bears, insects, salamanders, and bats.    

The Gatlinburg Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is the perfect trip for any nature lover.  Find the perfect cabin rental in Gatlinburg that will allow you to be right in the midst of the action. You’ll be glad to know that your  comfortable home base will be waiting for you while you’re out discovering Smoky Mountains nature at its finest.

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