5 Reasons to Bring Your Pet on Vacation

Have you ever wished that you could plan a fun family vacation that didn't involve leaving your beloved family dog behind? Here are five reasons to take your pet along for the ride the next time you stay in the Smoky Mountains!


1. Save Money 

Pet owners know that boarding a dog or hiring a sitter can be expensive. This is something that must be considered when budgeting for a trip and can sometimes even limit the length of a vacation. Staying at one of our pet friendly mountain cabin rentals provides an added sense of security, plus it helps keep costs in check. You will gain peace of mind from having your pet closeby and be able to put your hard-earned money toward something more fun!  

2. Have a Hiking Companion

Dogs are the perfect companions on a walk. While some trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are off-limits, dogs are welcome at campgrounds, picnic areas, as well as nearby spaces such as Chattahoochee National Forest and Cherokee National Forest. There are also a couple of amazing dog friendly hiking trails in the park that allow your furry friend to join you! 

3. Keep the Family Together

Let's face it - pets are part of the family, and finding someone suitable to care for them while you're away can be difficult. We want you to enjoy the comfort of having the whole family together during your vacation. After all, there is no one better suited to care for your dog than you! Even family vacation photos are incomplete without your pet. Include your best friend in your travel plans and in your family photos so you can capture all of the fun memories created together while on vacation in the Smokies. 

4. Enjoy Less Stress 

Our pets bring us happiness and can have a natural calming effect. If you are separated from your pet while on vacation, you may feel anxious or worried about them while you're away. Skip the separation anxiety and bring your pet along to the mountains at one of our pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg! Enjoy less stress by having your dog by your side on your Smoky Mountain getaway. Whether you choose to relax in your cabin or explore the outdoors, having that quality time with your pet will help you to relax and truly enjoy the moment. 

5. Explore Together

Boarding your pet while you're on vacation may mean they spend a lot of time in a crate. On the contrary, the Smoky Mountains have several outdoor areas where your pup can have room to roam and stretch their legs. Treat your dog to a game of frisbee, a walk in the mountains, or a car ride through the park instead. If you need to venture out alone, we have you covered. We provide a large dog crate in each unit so that you can be sure your pet is comfortable and safe whenever you are away from your cabin.


We are proud to offer beautiful and cozy pet friendly cabins to rent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where you will find an array of fun things to do with your dog by your side. Book your next getaway with Diamond Mountain Rentals and experience all that the Smoky Mountains have to offer!


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